6.1 Introduction

This standard defines three different choreographies by which a Release Distributor can obtain media enrichment and description information from a Metadata Provider.

  1. The media enrichment and description information can be provided in a separate XML document, containing one or more MeadMessages formed in accordance with Clause 8 of this standard that is attached to a NewReleaseMessage. This allows record companies who have information that goes beyond what can be communicated in the ERN message to communicate such information using the already-established mechanisms to exchange this information. 

  2. The MeadMessage can also be sent independently from a NewReleaseMessage using SFTP, whether from a record company or a third party Metadata Provider; and

  3. The media enrichment and description information can be exchanged using web services using a call-back architecture where a DSP would "subscribe" to a specific metadata feed using a web service call and the Metadata Provider would reply, once it has new information, with a web service call.

Details for these cases are defined in the following subclauses.