6.2 Communicating a MeadMessage as part of an ERN Feed

Release Creators send ERN feeds to Release Distributors. As part of such a feed, one or more separate XML document(s) containing exactly one MeadMessage in accordance with Clause 8 of this standard, can be sent alongside a NewReleaseMessage.

The XML document containing the MeadMessage shall be treated in accordance with the relevant ERN Choreography as if it were a Resource file. It shall, however, be referenced in the SupplementalDocumentList composite in the NewReleaseMessage instead of in the TechnicalDetails composite. Any document referenced in the MeadMessage shall also be treated as if it were a Resource file to the NewReleaseMessage.

The information in each of the the MeadMessages shall only contain information relevant to the Releases, Resources, Works or Parties referenced in the NewReleaseMessage to which the MeadMessage is attached.

DDEX has not defined a mechanism by which a  MeadMessage can be communicated alongside an ERN-3 message (which does not have a SupplementalDocumentListelement). The preferred approach is to send the MeadMessage as a Text Resource with a user-defined TextType of  MeadMessage.