7.2 Unsubscription (POST SubscriptionId)

7.2.1 Purpose

This command can be used by a Release Distributor to unsubscribe from a feed that it has previously subscribed to. The syntax for this call is not prescribed. 

Below are two possible approaches (with base.url being the URL agreed between the Metadata Provider and the Release Distributor and xxx being the identifier for the subscription that the Metadata Provider returned as part of the subscription request).

Example 1


Example 2


7.2.2 Syntax of Reply

The web server shall return one of the following standard HTTP response codes with their standard HTTP response code semantics:

  • 200 (OK);

  • 400 (Bad request);

  • 401 (Unauthorised);

  • 404 (Not found);

  • 500 (Internal server error); and

  • 503 (Service unavailable due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server).

If the status code is 200, the web server shall stop sending further updates for the item from which the Release Distributor has just unsubscribed.

Other standard HTTP status codes may be used on bilateral agreement between the Metadata Provider and the Release Distributor.