8.3 Allowed Value Sets

The message defined in this standard make intensive use of allowed-value sets. These allowed value sets are shared between all DDEX standards and DDEX provides a XML Schema Definition file for all of these allowed values. These values are also contained in the DDEX Data Dictionary available from ddex.net

The message defined in this standard contains a mandatory AvsVersionId XML attribute. The AvsVersionId at publication is 2. DDEX may update the list of allowed value sets (AVS) over time and therefore might increase the AvsVersionId over time. At that stage, the then current AvsVersionId will be made public on the DDEX Knowledge Base.

The full namespace for the XML Schema document for the allowed-value sets is:


DDEX may regularly extend this list of allowed-value sets. Any such extensions to this list are issued on a date later than the date on which this Standard is issued form part of this Standard. Thus the list of allowed-value sets provided Annex A contains the list of allowed-value sets valid on the data of issuance of this Standard.

The Table of AVSs is provided in a separate document. See the blue box here.